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Sunday, October 30, 2016


COMPLETE CYCLE......God is Faithful!

''Way maker, miracle worker, promise keeper, light in the darkness my God that is who you are! Hmmm where can I start from o! God I am grateful o!

 I have been TTC since April this year. Some of you may say its a small time but trust me it felt like forever! I always ignored the TTC testimony part till about 3months ago, and I downloaded the prayers and paid more attention to the testimonies.

 I prayed for 21days about two months ago and fasted once a week so you can imagine how I felt when my period showed up. I didn't loose hope I did another 21days TTC Prayers. This time as I prayed at 12am, I would look out the window and look towards the moon/cloud and tell my God that I would testify and I made a covenant that I would teach my children to grow in his ways. Just last month I started paying my tithes and I visited the orphanage.

 I also went for confession (am a catholic). Just yesterday I missed my period and I went for a scan today, nothing showed up instead the result said I had an infection. Hian! I went for afternoon mass and told my God I would testify. I went for blood test afterwards and lo and behold it came out positive o! 

I already started my 9days novena to st Jude, st Rita and st Gerard. Haven't even completed it and am already pregnant! I was scared my inability to get pregnant was due to the previous abortions I had and my past dispositions in life! I thank you God for giving me a second chance! 

I prayed and you answered! What a mighty God we serve! Hubby is over the moon already petting me and giving me access to his account lol! 

Stella God bless you and your generation! Your kids have no option than to be great! They would never ever know suffering and any body that tries to harm you and yours, would never know peace! Pray for me bvs and I pray I would carry my children to full term in Jesus name Amen!

 I hope my story can inspire someone. keep trusting in the lord he never ever fails! Please ladies make your body the temple of the lord! Try as much as possible to avoid fornication it doesnt pay at all! 

Please o! I wan start ante natal which good federal hospital can you suggest for a sister in abuja? And I would love to send this TTC prayer to people especially my step sis.

 How do I send it to them that they won't read meanings to it? 

Thanks and God bless''.

I know that there are others cos i lost some mails when i was feverish,please Ladies resend,i think this TTC TESTIMONY post has entered ''double measure pressed down,shaken together and running over''.


Testimony one

Testimony two

Testimony three

Testimony Four

Testimony five

Testimony Six

Testimony Seven

Testimony eight

Testimony nine

Testimony Ten

Testimony Eleven

Testimony Twelve

Testimony Thirteen

Testimony Fourteen

Testimony Fifteen

Testimony Sixteen

Testimony Seventeen

Testimony Eighteen

Testimony Nineteen

Testimony Twenty

Testimony Twenty One

Testimony Twenty Two

Testimony Twenty Three

Testimony Twenty Four

Testimony Twenty Five

Testimony Twenty Six

Testimony Twenty Seven

Testimony Twenty Eight

Testimony twenty nine

Testimony Thirty

Testimony Thirty One

Testimony Thirty Two

Testimony Thirty Three

Testimony Thirty Four

Testimony Thirty Five

Testimony Thirty Six

Testimony 37- 39 by word of mouth via Phonecall.

Testimony 40

Testimony 41 - IHN

Testimony 42

Testimony 43

Testimony 44

Testimony 45

Testimony 46

Testimony 47

Testimony 48

Testimony 49

Testimony 50

Testimony 51

Testimony 52

Testimony 53 and 54

Testimony 55

Testimony 56

Testimony 57

Testimony 58 and 59

Testimony 60

Testimony 61

Testimony 62

Testimony 63 and 64

Testimony 65 and 66

Testimony 67 and 68

Testimony 69

Testimony 70

Testimony 71

Testimony 72 ad 73

Testimony 74 and 75

Testimony 76 and 77

Testimony 78 79 and 80

Testimony 81 and 82

Testimony 83 and 84

Testimony 85 and 86

TESTIMONY 87, 88 And 89

Testimony 90

Testimony 91

Testimony 92 and 93

Testimony 94


TESTIMONY 97,98 And 99


  1. Replies
    1. I knew it will reach 100 and more!

      Is it not my God again???

      He knows how to kick Satan on his butt...

      Shame on u devil!

      Congrats ladies

    2. Poster,federal staff clinic is a veryyy good popular hospital for antenatal.its along jabi road.

    3. Awsome God..... May Your Name Alone Be Praised

    4. God is indeed awesome!!!! May he be praised both now and forever more. Amen!!

    5. God is indeed awesome!!!! May he be praised both now and forever more. Amen!!

    6. And I said to myself when it was just a little over 50 in August or so,"how would it come to a 100 testimonies?it's almost the end of the year"...Now look what we have at the end of October,God may you be praised forever. I pray an Angel would bring forth prayer points for singles next year,so we would testify as well.
      Praise God!

    7. Thank una God. No more abortion, no more 100 babies killers

    8. God you are faithful. Me too was wondering if 100 was possible.

      Your ways are not our ways. You made a solemn promise and you fulfilled

  2. Wow wow wow God is indeed faithful!

    1. God pls don't let the devil use my past against me,for I am next ijn

  3. Wow wow wow thank You God. I this was going to be, I knew we were going to get here but I am still surprised. Lord you are amazing.

  4. It's my TURN!!! 2016 I am a fruitful vine! A joyful mother of Children.

  5. Wow! I remember when this countdown started. Thanks to God for everything

  6. What a mighty God we serve!!!

  7. I strongly believe we'll have almost 120 testimonies before the year runs out. Can we also do prayer for people hoping to get married? Is that possible? Stella, your blog is becoming more than just a blog

    1. That's been done already, a few months back...
      Stella fit do part two tho.

      You can check google for the link

    2. Thank you lord for all you have done and thank you in advance for those you will still touch before the year ends because faithful are you lord.

  8. Glory be to God in th highest! Amen! God bless you poster! More testimonies coming in... amen .

  9. Thank you Father, to you alone Lord be all of the glory!

    Vote SDK for Blogger of the Year in the 2017 edition of the prestigious Nigerian Writers’ Awards (NWA)!
    Send STELLA DIMOKO KORKUS Blogger of the year to ends on the 4th of November 2016. Let's do this SDK BVNs!

  10. Wow!! 100 already, more to come. Lord you are great.

  11. The testimony won't be complete without my testimony. I most testify no more miscarriage in my life amen

  12. Praise the Lord, just this afternoon i was thinking about these testimonies, when mine will come and who will be the 100th person... I thank God for these testimonies, God's time is never late, he ll come for me in due season, right now its not about the number anymore, the set time for the Lord to favour me is now.. I have names for my babies already. Thank you Jesus

    1. Your babies are coming

  13. Stella more testimonies are coming!

  14. God's hands be upon you through out your pregnancy. Thank God for his miracle

  15. Everything written about you is great! Alleluiah.

  16. Thank u Lord for d fulfilment
    100 LRD next yr.....
    WHO DID IT.....

  17. Thank you Jesus.....To every other woman expecting, God will smile on you..

  18. HalleluyaπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒA God too faithful to fail, covenant keeping God.

  19. Hmm Stella when you said with faith that the testimony will reach hundred before December ends, I laughed like Sarah did but God proved to me that there is nothing hard for him. Praise God, I pray that you all God has blessed will carry your baby to full term and their shall nothing cast your young. You all will birth safely and sound in Jesus Christ name Ameeeen

  20. You know our God is Faithful!!!! Yeepee he has honoured the words of his children.
    God is indeed a blog member

    I just wish I can send this link to someone I know without her knowing I'm the one that sent it.
    I pray God gives her twins or triplets. God will answer everyone ttc in Jesus's name, amen.

  22. Jehovah bu Eze, Nna there is none like you. Thank you lord, I know you will do more than this

  23. We will still have more than this before the year runs out. I will be part of this testimonies by His grace. see miracles o.

  24. Who did it????? Jesus oh my God WOW......

  25. Congrats poster. U shall deliver just like the Hebrew women.

  26. God is faithful. Thank God for all the testimonies so far. More are loading. I will still testify.

  27. the bible says in john 14 vs 14... IF YE SHALL ASK ANYTHING IN MY NAME I WILL DO IT.
    Dear dafault smile God hasn't forgotten you..just stand on these words and ask with faith.cos he exault his words more than his name..just stand on his words!!!!

  28. Awwwww all thanks to God almighty! He will do more

  29. Congratulations. The testimonies will surely be double its measure. The testimony never complete oo. My big sis own must join IJN. We are believing God for triplet oo.

  30. Wow wow! Thank you JESUS

  31. God has added jara to this. So we will be expecting more 20 Amen


  32. Lord open my children are coming .

  33. Faithful God, Miracle worker.
    I have held back from commenting since this post started but right now I can't help but say Thank you Faithful God.

  34. Thank you Lord for making me 1 of the testifiers. I pray 4 those still TTC that God would bless them b4 Dec, pls don't loose faith in him. God is so faithful.

  35. This God is a covenant keeping God. He always keeps to his own end of the bargain. I remember when this TTC prayer post came up, I was already about 5weeks preggy and was spotting that week but I keyed into the prayer points and told God my baby will be among the 100 babies by December, so I will not cast it before its season.
    Today My beautiful girl is here to the Glory of God who gives and keeps.
    Thank you God for remembering us on just a blog. Thank you Stella for being an channel of blessing for us. May God forever be merciful to you and your generation. Amen.

  36. Thank God!!! am happy for everyone dat got their testimony. Prayers nd fasting for single shd be repeated. I did but didnt complete it as nysc camp fell on dat period nd i didnt finish it. If anyone has they shd share pls

  37. Please dont stop the ttc testimonies o. Our own never join,and i know God wld answer soon

  38. I am sure, confidently sure
    That in the lion's den,
    You'll be there with me...

    I'm sure, absolutely sure
    That in the fiery furnace
    You'll be the fourth man there

    But Even if you Slay me,
    or seems to delay me,
    I'll never let go,
    I'll never let go
    Even if am lost,
    At any cost
    I'll never let go,
    I'll never let go...

    A Thousand may fall at my side
    And ten thousand, at my right hand
    But you've promised,
    (you've) promised in your WORD
    That you'll never leave me,
    nor forsake me...

    Even if you Slay me,
    or seems to delay me,
    I'll never let go,
    I'll never let go
    Even if am lost,
    At any cost
    I'll never let go,
    I'll never let go...

  39. What a mighty God we serve. The God who specialises in handling difficult and impossible situations. Its 100 already even before November. What can we say other than to say Thankyou Jesus!!!

    I rejoice with you poster,you shall carry to term and birth like the Hebrew woman and may God also provide all you will need to nurture the baby(ies) IJN. Congrats again.

  40. Congratulations
    I suggest federal staff hospital jabi....a very clean and conducive environment.

  41. Wow. God is promise keeper indeed.
    Praise God it's 100th testimonies already Jesus be glorified.
    Am next in line in Jesus name amen.
    Please have mercy Lord
    Congratulations madam

  42. Wow! Just wow
    God is faithful.
    Congrats poster.

  43. Stella, why did u say complete circle? It is not complete yet, mine is inclusive and many testimonies are still coming. God is great!

  44. God is more than greatπŸ™ŒπŸ½

  45. Prayers for singles can we have that as well?

    1. Jehovah pls settle the singlers on this blog .I desire marriage Lord pls settle me Jehovah.

  46. Yes o singles prayers!!!

  47. It cannot be complete ooo. God pls bless my friend Victoria B. Let her give a testimony before DEC. God u can do it. Amin.

  48. Father you are so faithful. Thank you Jesus for working wonders through this blog.lord just as you visited all this people visit me this month, make me pregnant by you power in Jesus name Amen. Congratulations to you dear

  49. God is faithful, congratulations,As God bless you n did it for you, he will surely did it for those that looking into him, IJN Amen

  50. Congratulations! Our God is faithful.
    Oh God please remember me too.

  51. Stella, nothing like complete circle. God only fulfilled the number you wrote, now is time for Him to do His extra ordinary miracles which am among. I am next in line. The main testimonies will line up. Shallom

  52. Convenant keeping God is His name.πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒBaba I lift my hands up and praise You.
    Awesome God..

  53. Congratulations dear. My testimony is next, Lord 2016 will not end until I have testified in Jesus name. Amen!

  54. Congratulations dear. My testimony is next, Lord 2016 will not end until I have testified in Jesus name. Amen!

  55. I am currently registered with Maitama District Hospital. The people I spoke with gave positive comments. You will probably not start ANC until about 3 months, people plenty.

  56. His grace is sufficient pass! 100 &!counting. God will do what he will do at his own time and in his own way. To you the one and only God be all glory, power, wisdom, exaltation, adoration.

  57. Thank you Lord, for you have proved that your word is Sure when we believe
    I have come to return all the Glory to you and I know you will still do more!

    Thank you Jesus this can only Be YOU!

    #Dancing Away

  58. I will say I am happy, but I was not part of the 100 but I can't question God, in all things we should give thanks to GOD. I just want to say thank you Jesus because my season has come for my due miracle in Jesus name.AMEN. MRS OAO

    1. U will testify ijn dear

  59. 100 already but God is still in d business of adding more babies to my womb dis month

  60. Congrats dear....God is great. I remain thankful.

  61. I key into your testimony by faith in Jesus Name, Amen. I would come back and testify here to the glory of God Almighty. I believe

  62. I key into your testimony by faith in Jesus Name, Amen. I would come back and testify here to the glory of God Almighty. I believe

  63. Congrats to all those who testified. May God be praised. I was praying to be among the 100 but God's way is different from ours. I will testify because am next in line.

  64. Faithful Father, THANK YOU. Dear BV'S I'm also one of the testifiers oooh. I tried sending my mail by weekend but I couldn't cos I had lots of things to attend to. GOD IS INDEED AWESOME. I'm PREGNANT. The LORD has remembered me and you cannot imagine how excited I am. We will carry our adorable's to full term. Congrats to us ALL including MEEEEEEEE! The doer of GOOD will remember all TTC women on this beautiful blog. God bless you plenty SDK

  65. I wished and prayed to be the 100th testifier. I prayed for the 21 days but lost faith when my period came on the 19th day. I was down but God has lifted me again. This November I shall testify of my big fat positive result in Jesus name. I have been trying since May 2016. Lord Jesus I AM READY TO CARRY MY TWINS. Please let your word come to pass in my life this November 2016 in Jesus name.

  66. Thank you Jesus!
    Now it's time for the overflowwwwww

    You are great God.

  67. One thing I know for sure is that God will and can never forsake His own, it's 100 already thank you BABA GOD it can only be you alone. I will surely testify in this blog before the end of year 2016 in Jesus name Amen

  68. Congrats, he is indeed way maker, how i love my St. Gerard patron of babies and mother, our mother of perpetual help always ready to intercede for mercies and blessings, Lord here i am, you did it before, please bless me again am trusting in you.

  69. Heavenly father show me your mercy and give me a second chance too in Jesus name amen


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