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Tuesday, 6 December 2016


Did you stop dialling?Are you discouraged?DO NOT give up on GOD...He is the same yesterday,today and forever and he says he would do it and he will do it!
DIAL and have Faith...

Hi Stella,

Am so grateful to God, I can't contain my joy right now. Have been TTC for a year and 7months ago after, I got married. I joined in the TTC prayer some months ago,and I said a nine-day Novena prayer to St Jude, being a catholic and I believed God will do something great BEFORE THE END OF THIS YEAR. 

Every time I go on my knees, I tell God that I want a baby for my birthday gift...... I missed my period my birth month and i did a urine test a day after my birthday. To God be the glory i am pregnant. 

Am so grateful and overwhelmed for words alone can describe how grateful I am.
I stand in the gap and use myself as a point of contact to reach out to all the women seeking for the fruit of the womb on this blog and the whole world for God's mercy and grace that surpasses all understanding to open their wombs.

Keep the faith and God shall answer us all. I shall carry my pregnancy to term and bring forth a healthy baby in Jesus name Amen''.

AMEN...Congratulations darling.


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Bukipreety said...

Amen and congratulations to you.

Loveme Jeje said...


Audrey said...

Amen to your prayer, congrats.

Audrey said...

Amen to your prayer, congrats.

white Berry said...


marriedchick said...

Congrats Madam... May your testimony be permanent in Jesus name... Amen!!!

Jenny zee said...

Congrats dear

Loyalwify said...

Awesome God!!!! God Please am still waiting for You to pick my Calls so that i can testify like others..... Amen

IJAY said...

Congratulations to you sis, May God see you through and bless every one looking up to him. Amen

Anonymous said...

God, i am next inline, all i need is your word of babies, speak it Lord, this year has brought alot of sorry in my heart, but i believe it will end in praise for me and my household, you know i got mad love and trust for you, because you always got my back, do it again Lord. IJN

peace maker said...


Lemonade said...

Praise God

Tiwa said...

Congratualation dear. God name be praise
God will keep you an the baby in Jesus name. Amen
Am next in line

Justyswt said...

The lord is still on the throne.

OLY said...

please MY God waiting for my postive result soonest,congrats my sis

verde said...

He keeps to his words. He said he will make u, a joyful mother of children in your home.
I must testify!

HAPPY said...


olami4eva said...

116 and counting Lord of miracles let my case be a COMPLETE RESTORATION in Jesus Name....Amem my testimony is next


Anonymous said...

All I want for Christmas is a healthy baby in my womb, lord u remembered me before , remember me once again. It's my birth month, lod this year shall not pass me by. Deep down in me I feel ashamed, I know it's not my fault and God's time is always perfect.
Bless my womb oh lord, if not for me do it for my hubby.

olayemi phoebe said...

Amen and congratulations to you ma....God dat did for u,will sure do it for others waiting patiently on Him. He never fails!

Anonymous said...

Dear lord I testified before I shall testify again, affliction shall not rise again a 2nd time.

Mrs I said...

Awesome God! My miracle baby is on d way in Jesus name.Amen

Mao Akuh said...

God pls do it for Oge, Jane and others

Omohu said...

Enter your comment...congratulations,God remember me ooooo.Am next to her

Omotayo Phoenix said...

I have faith and believe that the Unchangeable Changer will change my story before the end of this year..

shola akorede said...

Congratulations. Testimony loading

Pretty Dimple said...

Wipe my tears lord and make me a mother.forgive my sin or hubby sin,people are mocking me .....yo think I even married as a virgin.

Anonymous said...


Omohu said...

Enter your comment...Ameen

Anonymous said...

Congratulations dear,our God is really awesome. He did same for me,I also pray for a stress n complication free pregnancy in Jesus name.amen.

Beloved said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It is done by God's Grace

Pretty Dimple said...


Anonymous said...

Amen,I am next ijn,I don't know the sight of period can cause so much pain,I don't want this this blood again pls God help me,forgive me for my pass sins.

Chiclahot said...

Happy for you. I went through another needle prick today just to confirm. I didn't want to but hubby cajoled me. It was negative and I just burst into tears and stormed out of the laboratory. I sat near the gutter by the road and cried my eyes out. Father Lord!i really desire this baby. It's been 3 years of expectation. Hear my cry Lord.

ijenwa peace said...

and I say a big amen to that. I

ifeoma nnamani said...

I bless God for you sis. Mine is next, my test has turned to testimony, my shame to praise in Jesus name. Amen

Elizabeth said...

Congratulations! Oh Lord give me miracle babies next year IJN amen.

Anonymous said...

The Lord has heard your cry..Just believe it right now..

Anonymous said...

Dear Lord, I come to you humbly. I use these testimonies as a point of contact to me and my family. Father Lord, I beg thee that, today the 7th of December, you would visit my home and bless it with the fruit of womb. Please my creator, forgive me and my hubby all our sins. I promise to give testimony to your holy name. Take all the glory Lord, in Jesus name I beg. Amen.

Norah Emesi said...

Omo 116 TTC!!!...God is Good...

Okechi said...

Amen. Congratulations. I am next to testify in Jesus name, Amen.

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