Stella Dimoko TESTIMONY 109 And 110 FROM TTC POST


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Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Have you dialled God's number lately or you have given up?DIAL NOW,he is picking calls......

TTC 109

Dear Stella, please hide my identity. Our God is a big God. He is a merciful God. He is a kind God. I really lack words to describe the kind of love that he has for us all. God is real and faithful. All we need is an atom of faith.

 I got married in 2014, our wedding pictures were even shared in this our adorable blog. Initially we did not want a child immediately because of pending needs but we agreed that if it enters we will keep it.

So we kept having sex but no show. I wasn't really bothered until after our white in 2015. I kept believing God and he answered us. Three months after I lost the baby. I wept uncontrollably but my hubby kept Consoling me. God bless him for me because he is a good man. It is almost a year and there was no show. Hmmm, I didn't know what to do. I self medicated on so many drugs yet nothing was happening.

As an ardent reader and follower of this blog I was aware the day the prayer was started or posted. I just read through it and waka passed. I didn't take it serious. As months kept moving by I began to read testimonies of people and in one of those months I said the prayer but nothing happened that month. At a point I will pick a number and I will say that is my number for the testimony and it will pass. In all I never lost hope rather my faith increased. 

In fact, I started the novena's of St Jude, Rita and Gerard. I will prayer along side my normal prayer. I heard about the novenas from this blog that is from some one's testimony. Our God is Good. I also remember telling God that I want to be pregnant before December. I keyed in to it and had faith in God. In the middle of October After baby dancing none stop I did a pt urine test and it came out negative. I was devastated but I held unto God I told him December is almost here I know he will do it for us.

 My period was supposed to come few days ago and it didn't come and I went to the lab yesterday because my nipples hurt a lot. 

Our God has done it oooo! 

It came out positive. I am so happy and excited beyond what words can express.

In one of those days during my mid night prayers I heard a voice a still tiny voice telling me that I should pray to carry the baby to full term and so my prayer changed from Lord bless my womb to God give me the grace to carry this wonderful gift to a full term. Dearest blog visitors, please I employ you all to pray for me so that I will carry my blessing to full term and deliver like the hebrew women.

 To all women out there who are TTC my wonderful God will answer you all in Jesus mighty name Amen just believe and have faith. Let go of all doctor's prescriptions or believing that your doctor can do it. Only God can do it. In this journey I threw away drugs that cost thousands of naira in the toilet when I began to believe in God's miracles more than in man. He is the God that created this body and so knows it more than the doctor a human being that he created.

 He has every spare parts. Hold on to God. He will do it in Jesus mighty name Amen. Stella, you are a great soul, may God continue to bless and uplift you in every area of your life in Jesus might name Amen.

Congratulations darling.May your JOY BE COMPLETE IN JESUS NAME.


TTC 110

Good day Stella.

It is with great joy and praise to God alone that I write this testimony to thank God for what he has done in my family.

i got married in January 2015 but we decided to wait a few months before we start trying to get pregnant.

As months of negative pregnancy tests passed, we decided to see a gynaecologist who asked me and hubby to do the usual fertility tests. Before then, I downloaded the 21 day TTC prayer and convinced my hubby to pray with me. We prayed it together with the novena to saints Rita, Jude and Gerrard, as we are Catholics.

My period kept showing up, it even became very irregular. Just last month, I decided to do the fertility tests together with the dreaded HSG and d results came out fine.Hubby too was certified OK.

I then told myself that I needed to do the 21 days prayer again, this time around with all seriousness and in the midnight, as I felt I didn't do the last prayer well.

I started it again early this month, with fasting and novena to st. Rita and I promised God that I will tell of His goodness on SDK blog when he blesses me.

I missed my period for a day with heavy cramps and I felt it was my usual irregular cycle until I decided to just buy pregnancy strip last Saturday night. My dear people, hmmmmmmmmm, TWO RED LINES.


I couldn't believe my eyes as I screamed, hubby was scared as he thought I had seen a snake. hehhehehehehehehhe.

I give God all the glory and adorarion as I have confirmed in the hospital that I am pregnant.

I pray for a smooth, healthy pregnancy and a safe delivery to all expectant moms and that God will also hear the prayers of all those trying to conceive, Amen.

Congrats darling!


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  1. Replies
    1. He is a great God! I must testify

  2. Lord, you reign forever.
    I worship you!!!

    Thank you lord for these testimonies, thank you lord for those that are still coming.

  3. Big congrats and may God in His infinite mercies grant u a safe and smooth 9 months ride. Amen. Abeg blog visitors plus poster kindly tell me about d hsg as the doctor recommended it for me but i have been dreading it. I need to know what it feels like before embarking on it . Many thanks

    1. I am in the same shoes oh ,doctor asked me to do it and I haven't gathered courage to go ahead with it.My doctor said "it's quite discomforting" hmmm before doctor use that kind word I sure say the thing no go easy lol

    2. When I did mine I drank alcohol and didn't feel any pain,that's d way o

  4. Big congrats and may God in His infinite mercies grant u a safe and smooth 9 months ride. Amen. Abeg blog visitors plus poster kindly tell me about d hsg as the doctor recommended it for me but i have been dreading it. I need to know what it feels like before embarking on it . Many thanks

  5. God come and answer us ooooo still waiting for our own oooo

  6. Congratulations,may you both carry to full term & deliver safely in Jesus name(amen)

  7. congratulations he that started it will complete it IJN Amen

  8. Congrats...i will testify b4 it gets to 120 in Jesus name

  9. Empress
    Thank you miracle working God.

  10. Congratulations,the Almighty God that started this will perfect it to the end

  11. Congratulations may God perfect your 9months testinony is next

  12. I don't get it...God does something as beautiful, as great as this for u & u ask for ur identity to b hidden? are u telling God that He has done a 'shameful' thing?.. why not just add ur first name like 'joy'& nobody wil even know it'z u because u ar not d only joy in d universe.. why ask for ur identity to b hidden and u call it a testimony.. plz if u want to acknowledge God, plz do that proudly.. my opinion though

  13. even if am the 200 person to testify I don't care what I know is that this year will not pass me by. may God perfect his work in your lives dear posters

  14. Congratulations to the two,testimony loading.


  16. Praise God. I'm next in December in Jesus name

  17. I will send in my testimony by december by God's grace



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