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Monday, December 19, 2016


God Is still picking calls...Dont stop dialling!

''I greet you Madam Stella.

 Sharing my testimony here was one of the promises I made to God if he made me pregnant before the 120th testimony, even though I initially wanted to be among the 100th person but I am very grateful to GOD.

I got married early this year and initially we were going with the flow, but at some point, I was like what’s happening. Then we started trying and timing the date but still no show. I become worried; I went to hospital to check if everything was okay. After all test, they said everything is perfect that I should give it time, eat well, do exercise and that it is after a year of trying they can send me to the fertility clinic. 

Before then I had also seen the TTC Testimony, I just read it and claimed the testimonies. My husband wasn’t worried about it, till September I told him about the prayers then we started praying, 1 month midnight, ttc prayers, psalms but in October my period came. I cried small oh but I was hopeful.

 In November, period came again, I was sad but then our pastors were going to open a new branch of church, so they ask us to donate 10 dollars for one child for Christmas instead of buying gifts and it will be extra luggage for them. I said to myself, this is an opportunity; I donated for 2 kids and prayed about it.

I had a chat with a friend of mine, who was trying for her second child and she was telling me how she was timing her peak days and I told her, the timing doesn’t work then she decided to help me calculate my peak days. I worked on the days she gave me, hoping and believing it will work this time.

On December 4th, there was a prophecy in the church about something great to happen in someone life before or on 15th of December, I claimed the blessings immediately and I sowed a seed, believing and hoping God will do a miracle.

On December 5th, my aunt called me and was asking me how far with belle, is everything okay, hmmm I told her everything is fine, no rush. After the call, I became so worried like never before, it was 3days to my period, I said okay let me just check and see. I bought the kit and tested, behold another negative.. Wow i was devastated but am like I still got December ovulation to try for this year.

After 3days period didn’t come, I decided to wait and while I was waiting, all my prayers were thankful prayers. I was already thanking him because I knew it was done already in faith. I waited for 1 week which was on the 15th December, no period then I decided to do the test again, behold a POSITIVE results, I screamed out my lungs, I can’t believe this.

 Yes God did it for me at the prefect time. I am so happy and grateful. My prayers have been my answered.

My sisters, who are ttc, stay strong, sow seeds, believe and have faith the lord who did it for me will did it for you. And I pray we will carry our babies till the end of our term.


Congratulations Babe,may you carry your baby to term.


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  1. Replies
    1. Great are you Lord(4x)
      Hello Stella, My husband and I started trying for babies some years ago without result.

      I struggled with high prolactin and irregular period for a long time, later they said is pcos(doubt if I have this cos another doctor said I don't have the symptoms and asked me to stop the drugs)

      I saw the TTC fasting and prayer post when I was tired of fasting and praying when it was posted, thou I joined the prayer reluctantly but nothing happen( I even suggested to divorce hubby but he said no way)

      I took the prayers serious when I started seeing testimonies and my doctor suggested artificial insemination. I prayed with my pad, I tap into testimonies, I prayed with LRD(I bookmarked LRD 22 and 23 because of their easy labour) went to September RCCG prayers for people waiting and on the day of my wedding anniversary I went for anointing service and cried bitterly unto God.

      I tested positive exactly a month to my anniversary, exactly a month to my last period, the month I booked for my insemination procedure (I have not gotten some of my test result, I dash them) I cut some details off to save your time but please help me sing songs of praise to my God for taking away my reproach and I pray I will deliver my twins like the Hebrew women by the grace of God

      I pray for all those who are still in God's waiting room that God will answer them speedily more than they expect in Jesus Name..Amen

      Stella God bless you.


  2. Congrats sister! Dear God I'm still here, please pick my calls....

  3. Congrats dear.
    God is Awesome..
    He is never late..

  4. Halleuyah. Am next in line

  5. Congrats dear.
    God is Awesome..
    He is never late..

  6. Wow!congrats dear
    TTC women
    God is still in the business of answering prayers
    This is your season..

  7. Congregation sister may u carry ur baby to term, indeed God is faithful. My Santa have not located me yet, but am still hopeful.

  8. I Wana thank a lot of peepo in MA life.. I wrote my details in last snm abt having friends n aff gotten them lafu lafu....

    I really need a Santa... Aff being searching n still can't found📡📢
    Santa pls locate me d Xmas almost coming to an end.

    I receive a mail from a fellow.. Saying she likes the way I comment. I neva knew someone is noticing me... Gracies

  9. Thank you everlasting father.

    Only you can do this...Alleluia!

  10. Enter your comment...God is good ooo. he is a good God. lord i tap into this faith and blessing. send me my own man i wanna get married too.

  11. Congrats dear...I am next to testify ijn amen.

  12. God is good ,He is worthy to be praised

  13. congrats may you carry your to full term

  14. I ve been ttc for 3yrs now. Am five days late and scared of going for test cos i don't want to feel disappointed. Pls pray for me i don't want this year to pass me by

    1. It's going to come out positive dear, have faith.

      God bless those asking for children with children and bless us asking for jobs to sustain the family with jobs. Amen

  15. Congrate dear,I shall share my testimony dis month IJN

  16. Congrats ma'am, you shall carry your baby to full term and dedicate him/her in the presence of the Lord.

  17. Congrats sis, today is my one year wedding anniversay! God I strongly put my faith on u. Thank u for giving me a testimony.

  18. Congratulations,I key into this testimony.may the God of eleventh hour answer me.

  19. Congratulations. I tap into this testimony, my own shall come too speedily in Jesus Name.

  20. Awwww beautiful God who made everything beautiful in their own time

  21. Congratulations to you.
    I don't know if God doesn't answer my prayers, all my prayer requests, he didn't fulfill any.
    I am just down and depressed
    It is well, when there is life there is hope

  22. congrats sis, i key into ur testimony.I declare that i shall have my miracle too b4 the end of this year in christ name. Amen


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