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Monday, 26 December 2016


This call was picked right on time

Dear stella I have another reason to remain glued to your blog, i had 99 reasons but this made it 100. I love you

When I red the testimony of the lady that left her home bcos she has been unable to concieve, I know that is where my marriage is heading, been married for almost 2yrs but its like 20yrs .

Been struggling with PCOS and all treatment has not been working, the last follicles tracking I had earlier this month say I had Bilateral PCOS and I had to continue my treatments for at least one year b4 I can conceive.

 I cried like a baby cos I know my marriage can not last another one year without a child. My husband invited his family for Christmas and they declined stating it will be dry without children. All this while I continued with my TTC prayers I don't fast due to my treatments. 

All my Santa post I only ask for one gift that God count me among the Ttc testifier and yes God has done it. yesterday morning 25th of December I decided to check if my Santa has brought my gift Lo and behold I saw two in thick lines. We rushed to hospital and it was confirmed. 


Thank you Stella for using your blog to keep my home.
Dear bv default smile I have never met you but when am praying I mention your blog name and I know God is answering b4 this year runs out congratulations in advance sis.

 Every sis expecting God is picking your call soon.

WOW,thank God for you,those your in laws na wah oh....


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becky naka said...

Thank God for u, waiting for my own miracle.

emmanuella marshall said...

awww, so happy for u ma, we thank God.

stunning slim shady said...

*singing* Nathaniel bassey's onise iyanu

Jasmine said...

Thank Gof kwa? Stella, r u sleep-typing?

Madam, congrats.

Default smile, can u feel ur twin?

fabulous mee said...

Congrats girl.. God pls answer me,its been 9yrs.

olaedo said...

Miracle worker,he is the God I know.

peace maker said...


Anonymous said...


NUVI HONEY said...

Congratulations dear, see as my heart skipped when I saw default smile, I thought the testimony is hers. BV DS God will remember you soon.

Default Smile said...

Dear poster, your testimony made me happy you are pregnant and i deeply appreciate your prayers. Its been a while i got emotional over this baby issue but your testimony got my crying. I love you poster. I pray you carry your baby to full term and have as many kids as you want Amen.
To every other TTC woman, see drop your case at Gods feet and leave it there. He will show up when you least expect.

#My case is different

Bee10 said...


Anonymous said...

Dear Lord please pick up my call too

Anonymous said...

Dear Lord please pick up my call too

Emilia Peter said...


Emilia Peter said...

Wow! Thank u Jesus, congrats sister.

Highest height said...

You will get it soonest in jesus name

verde said...

He has given me victory, I will lift him higher. I will testify

Highest height said...

Dear default smile I am very certain about this, your time is soonest I pray for us both simultaneously and I believe my God will finish what he has started. Am sure our kids will play together soonest. Congratulations in advance Cheers

Yemi7up said...

God you are so good. God you are kind,you are never too late, patiently waiting to be touch by you. My case is different.

bolatito fashina said...

Congratulations poster
I am also expecting my Santa

Uche Helen said...

I hardly comment but this is a testimony I am thrilled to do so. Congratulations dear. Mine will be next

Page said...

Congratulations dear Thank you dear Lord, what a mighty God you are. Thank you Jesus for My twin babes I give you all the glory. For I know you are the God of all flesh nothing is too hard for you to do. Thank you Jesus

jay urchy said...

I thank God for you poster. God indeed answers prayers. For those trusting God for the fruit of the womb, please trust him completely. He never fails.

Vivian Gogos said...

Congrats to you darling... This got me teary... I also pray for everyone that is TTC, God said we shall end this year well. For me, I got pregnant immediately after my wedding last year, had my baby girl in February this year
She died in Nov (last month).... This has been my nightmare. But God said we shall end this 2016 well. So congratulations to us all as we shall carry as many children as we want and they will live to take care of us in old age...

Omoyemen I said...

My babies are on the way,Mercy God,open my womb to bear my own children. Thank you lord

sexy Daddy said...

Congrts poster!God is indeed a miracle worker!

Anonymous said...

Congrats poster ... I am so happy for you . God is indeed faithful ..

IJAY said...

To God be thy glory, praise God. Congratulations sis, God of the impossible has done it again

Mao Akuh said...

God is good. My neighbour is finally pregnant after 3 years.

ukwu dimond said...


Jay Udoo said...

Take heart dear,your angel is watching over you from a better place,God will replace that which you lost.Be consoled.

Rose said...

Covenant Keeper! Thank you!
Congratulations sis. God bless and keep you in perfect health. Amen!

crystal said...


Elaine said...

May God give you double for your loss in Jesus name, Amen!

Jenny zee said...

Sorry about that dear,, beauty for ashes is what s lord would give u, u are comforted

Tiwa said...

Congratulation madam
God keep you and your baby in Jesus. Amen

Vivian Gogos said...

@Elaine-Amen my dear... Thanks all

Anonymous said...

It shall be permanent in Jesus name amen

oguike akudo said...

Congrats poster, all I need is just one bouncing baby boy and i will sign out, God I know u have done it, cos my body is paining me due to too much gbenshing for a baby.

OSINANL said...


ONO said...

I will testify next

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