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Friday, January 13, 2017


GOD is GOD and he never fails.

Dear Stella.

Please join me in thanking this awesome God for remembering me. Pardon me for my story will be a bit lenthy.
I got married early 2016 and got pregnant the same month. At eight weeks, i had a miscarriage. After evacuation, first month passed, no period, second month, the same thing. My husband and i went back to the hospital where we did the evacuation, the doctor gave me some drugs that were supposed to induce menstruation.

 I finished the first prescription, went back for the second prescription, the period was was still MIA. At a point, i thought i was pregnant.. Did some tests and scan, i was confirmed not pregnant and everything seems to be normal. After 3months, no show. Hmmmmmmmm! 

I became scared, we went back to the hospital and a fertility doctor was booked for us and after our appointment with him, he prescribed new sets of drugs to relax the hormones and induce menstruation. After a month and about two weeks of taking the drugs, still nothing. I decided i was done with taking medications. It was time to go back to the One who made my body and who knows d answers to all questions.

 I first saw the TTC post when i was preparing for my wedding, i just didn't pay attention to it. After all i went through, i went back to the post, did the prayers for 3days, took time to read all the testimonies, even sent the link to a friend of mine also TTC'ing. During our harvest retreat, the Revd Father took time and prayed for us declaring that in a year time, we will come back with our children to testify. 

 Each time am praying, i always reminded God about the lady without a womb that sent in her testimony ( i dont know the TTC testimony number) i told God that if you could give her a womb and baby, i dont know what my predicament is but You are more than capable of restoration the situation.
Second week of November, my period showed up from no where. To cut the story short, as am typing this now, am 3weeks pregnant. We confirmed yesterday with test and scan. 

I decided to send in my testimony in Thanksgiving to God for blessing me through SDKB and also encourage those who are also believing God not to loose faith.

Thanks stella for you are wonderful, please post.


Congrats babe.


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  1. Replies
    1. Congratulations poster...God is too good to fail,or back out on his promise...more testimonies loading amen

  2. Mmm pays I just GH 782,000 naira wow!!!! 💃🏼 💃🏼...I'm rolling back 500k asap. fan Emmanuel don't worry u will get ur money!

    1. Congrats to u anonymous,waiting for my own 153k alert...congrats to the pregnant bv.

  3. Thank you Jesus
    Congrats dear ,God keep you and your baby
    Please where is "BV Default Smile "
    God is your strength, all things will work together for our good in Jesus name .Amen
    Am next in line in Jesus name .amen

  4. God is still in the business, thnk u Jesus. Congrats ma

  5. Wow!!!!! Great God. Thank you for been a BV and making things happen speedily for us

    #My case is different

  6. Congratulations Uche
    My God is too Faithful to fail my testimony is next


  7. Awesome God! I ain't giving up.I am next to testify in Jesus name amen.

  8. The wind and sea obey him, how much more our reproductive organs. I must testify!

  9. Congratulations dear. Whatsoever the Lord doeth is forever, so will will carry to full team in Jesu name amen. Thank you faithful God. I m next inline for this miracle in Jesus name.

  10. Congratulations dear,GOD ll see u thru.

  11. Bless God for his goodness and mercy is forever, I glorify your name.

  12. It can only be God!! Awesome God

  13. Thank you Lord!
    Too faithful too fail!
    Congrats ma'am...

  14. Awesome God. Mine is sharply loading

  15. Congrats madam, i tap into your blesses my testimony is next IJN Amen.

  16. I would testify in Jesus' name

  17. Congrats dear.
    Stella, you have stopped posting wedding night brouhaha. Please, keep it rolling

  18. Indeed our God is a covenant keeping God.May his name be praised for ever. Congratulations ma.


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