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Friday, December 23, 2016


OH MY GOD...You are GOD!..Thank you removing shame from this woman!

Dear Stella,

May God bless you and your household this season and beyond.

I thank God for blessing us with the fruit of the womb as a close of year blessing. Stella, I printed the TTC prayer points sometime in June and started the prayers day and night, I didn't finish cos of plenty marital problems. I even bought two baby cots by faith, believing God for a set of twins and I prayed and prophesied on them at intervals.

I have been married for only a year and half but e be like 10years cause I've not given birth yet! Trust me, I've had three miscarriages o. Urhobo people wan kill me. I even packed out of my marriage since August this year for my sanity sake but hubby and I were seeing each in between. Plenty fake pastors wan use fake prophesy cripple my life and hubby can believe for Federal.

Long story short, this December I started sleeping anyhow sha, hubby came to see me in Lag as usual na him the guy say e be like say u don get belle! Stella, I tested and tested, did beta hcg, I've done two scans... It is true, God has done it! Baby is kicking, I heard the heart beat already and my marriage is heading back on track to the glory of God.

I praise the name of the Lord! God bless you Mrs Korkus.
Mrs O

So happy for you!


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  1. Replies
    1. Congratulations dear..

      God pls remember my matter...

    2. God please bless my marriage with end of the year gift o

    3. Congrats dear
      You will deliver safely and sound
      God will perfect all things in your marriage

  2. Thank you Jesus

    Way maker
    Miracle worker
    Promise keeper
    Light in the darkness
    My God,that is who you are!!

    Thank you Lord on this woman's behalf.


  3. A big congrats oo. we have passed the 120 chai. we are going higher everyday

    Thank you God Almighty

  4. Thank God for this miracle,Congrats sis.awesome God.father am waiting for my xmas gift

  5. Thank God for you and this one would stay IJN Amen!

  6. My God use this as a point of contact for me, is not too late for you, I believe!!! Shut my hubby baby mama up so she can stop calling me a male chicken. God bless my womb

    1. Amen in Jesus name

      Just hold on...

      Your case is different in Jesus name

      God will give you double...Stay true to GOD

      Mark this date.


    2. Ur husband's babymama calls u what???

      Kai!!! Ur husband is a wicked man. See what he caused

    3. Hmmmm na wa o

  7. God is ever faithful...He never fails!

  8. *singing* this God is too good ohhhhh

  9. Glory to God almighty. Nothing will send you packing from your matrimonial home. Peace will reign supreme and you will bring forth your child in due time.
    Make sure you both spend the holiday together.

  10. Lord be praised...

  11. Wow congratulations!!

  12. Congrats dearie you will carry to the full term in Jesus name Amen, I'm the next in line I must testify in Jesus name AMEN

  13. Our God is a way maker, congrats poster you shall carry it to term in jesus name.

  14. God u are wonderful.Father remember me too, give me mine as my Christmas gift in JESUS name Amen.

  15. Wow!!!!! To God Alone Be Praised. Congratulations madam. God Please Pick my Calls and make me to be a Fruitful Mother... Amen

  16. I cant wait to testify! I am next in Jesus name.

  17. Testimony is next


  18. Na WA o, family and their wahala. Thank God for you, na so one tell me say I do face like motor wey no get plate number. Hmmm at least I don get two.

  19. Congratulations. To God alone be the glory. Father thank you Jesus., for I know my case is settled. It shall turn for me a testimony men shall gather and say see what the Lord has done.

  20. To God be all glory. Happy for you dear

  21. Congrats to the poster
    I already stopped praying jawe, na money I dey find now. Fertility has sap my pocket dry.spent money eehn Not again
    When there is life, there is hope

    Let his will be done


  22. Congratulations dear,
    I must testify!

  23. God has done it for me and I will forever be grateful to Him. My son is over 2 years old, and I have been TTC ever since he was around 1. I joined the TTC prayer around June, after seeing so many testimonies, and to God be the glory, 3 months later I got pregnant, and hubby and I are now expecting our tiny patter of happy feet. The Almighty God will do it fir other searching couples too


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