Stella Dimoko TESTIMONY 143 And 144 FROM TTC POST


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Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Dont let the Devil fill your heart with Negative thoughts,God is still picking calls....God is incomparable and Unchanging and he will change that TTC status if you call on him....

Stella, I am pregnant after 1 and half years of marriage. I have been trying before marriage. Ttc for 3 years. I prayed, I fasted, I cried , I stopped believing God. I even accepted that my enemy was infertile.

I Keyed into the ttc post. I prayed it at midnight and i also tap into all the pregnancy testimonies .Default smile's testimony assured my faith and I knew it was a matter of time.

Despite my unfaithfulness, God has fulfilled his word in my life. I am pregnant. I missed my period by 3 days and i was reluctant to test after so many negatives. I just decided to test at work after drinking 2 bottles of water. Behold a faint second line popped up. Trembling, i drove myself to a lab, while crying and unsure of what to do. Lab test result: POSITIVE!

We are all fruitful daughters of zion. God never fails hold on to God. It will pass. God is faithful because im a worthless sinner i ddnt expect God to do it for me.

Please trust God if you are in the waiting room, ignore the devils lies. I had PCOS but look at me now, a mama to be. 

Please say a word of prayer for me that God will perfect the good work he has started in my life.




Helo Stella,thanks so much for always bringing much relief and
encouragements to people like me through ur blog, so appreciate it,God bless and empower u more and more.

To my story,got married two years ago and no issue d first
month,took in d following month,had miscarriage,hmmmm!...i
nearly died,it was so frustrating,didnt take in again till this
year,the months of waiting seemed like years,i cried throughout the year on seeing my period.

I called on my God,who never fails,who neversleeps,who was there yesterday,2day and forever,i strongly believed having children is a little thing for God to do cos he makes all
things possible irrespective of doctor report,i always reminded myself that if God my creator can have d whole world in his
hands,my having children shouldn't be an issue.

And yes he did hear my cry,i keyed into the Ttc prayers,prayed it three different times for 21 days,decided to stop when i kept seeing my period.

I started getting di
scouraged concluded it was spiritual,loo n
behold,God made me believe his power is above all spiritual powers and indeed surprised me.i stopped using pt test cos of getting same result but a thought kept telling me to buy 1 & try,even though have not missed my
period yet,tried d Pt and saw 2 lines?or was my eyes seeing double?had to go show my hubby to confirm,Immediately we
both confirmed,we went straight 2 d hospital that night to confirm again and yes! it was positive....tears rolling.

Am so grateful to God,cant believe am writing this,God is great.God bless u stella and bless the lady who sent the Ttc prayers.I pray me and other pregnant women carry
our baby to full term by Gods grace and power,cos his power is surely above all powers.I also pray for Gods blessings on all Ttc women,u will all testify soonest in jesus name.Amen
Nb-pls hide my email and name.Thanks

Congratulations to you both.May you carry your babies to term and come back with your Labour room drama stories in Jesus name.


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  1. Congrats to both testifiers. I use you as a point of contact to all those waiting for a miracle like this. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will surely hear their cry. Amen.

  2. Congratulations to you guys! May you carry to term and may the delivery be without complications. Congrats!

  3. Congrats ladies

    God bless ur homes

    1. Congrats mothers to be, welcome to the club.

      When my pregnancy test was positive, I didn't sleep for 2 days, the excitement, the shock, I kept staring at the clear blue till the lines disappeared, lol.

      I am now 3 months gone and trusting God for a smooth journey.

      We will all testify this year by God's grace, amen.

  4. Congrats to the both of you.
    I am next in line! Amen
    Told God I would be the 20th, b4 my sister's wedding, my sister has put to bed and am yet to conceive. All tests and 3 HSGs says am Ok, hubby is 100% ok too. Had 1 failed IVF. But I trust God to do it in his time. God please don't fail me...Ur daughter needs you now more than ever.

    1. You will be pregnant. Dont worry. Take ur mind off it. Trust me its hard, but try. God will visit you soon! I prophesy into your womb, before the next 3 months, God of Elijah will make your children make haste to you. You are blessed in Jesus name

    2. Relax hun, you will testify soon. Don't lose hope and continue to trust God, your testimony is loading.

    3. Don't worry God will see you soon.

  5. Congratulations to both mother's of Zion for their big positive. Am still believing in God that am next in line for a testimony. March made my marriage 2yrs, I and hubby already have the 3 names we intend to call our kids. Some times it depressing & heartbreaking but with this ttc testimonies, I have joy in God that if He did for these wonderful women, He is surely more than able to perfect my expectations.

    1. God will hear us, April made mine 2 years too. It can be frustrating but all u need to hold on to is that God is still God. We will testify

  6. Congratulations to both of you. Thank you Lord Jesus. Father I trust in you, for you never fail. I keep push until I have my bfp

  7. You will never fail

    Jesus, the same forever.

  8. Thank God for ur testimony.see me smiling. By his grace I will sent mine cos I am already pregnant. Pcos couldn't stop it for me to get pregenant. With no period. Only have period for 1 or 2 times in a year since 2014. U see God is so big. I will sent mine soon with many other testimony. I love u my God my Jesus my all in all.

  9. You will never fail

    Jesus, the same forever.

  10. Honestly crying as I read trôuh d post. was happy to have missed my period since Sunday only to see it today. God please attend to my cry.congrats poster I pray to be pregnant like you guys.


  12. Praiseeeeeeeeee God for all this testimonies. He's awesome, amazing wonder. Only you can do what no man can do Jehovah, Only you are capable, only you reliable God.
    I'm so happy for all the testimonies.

    We also did, the singles prayers and marriage restoration prayers. Can we all start sending our testimonies too in please.
    God bless.Amen

  13. Many more testimonies loading. Ya'all expectant get ready. God is plentious in mercy says Ps. 103:8

    May His Mercy find us all. Amen

    #My case is different

  14. Congratulations, u will carry ur baby to full term, our God is a miracle working God.

  15. Congratulations to both of u , may our ever lasting father do same for all other TTC woman.Amen

  16. Congratulations to you both.

    Dear Jesus,

    it's almost four years now...please answer my prayers and make me a mother..
    Fi agbara re han laye mi

  17. Children are heritage from God to all TTC women keep reminding God of this promise (psalm 127vrs3) every day and it will happen for you.

  18. May His name be praised forever.. congratulations ladies i tap into your blessings!

  19. It's all about you Jehovah Yhwh

  20. I tap into this testimony. God tell me what to do.let this cup pass me by please father. Azoospermia has taken away all my joy. But with God IT SHALL END IN PRAISE

  21. Amazing God, thank you....mine is next ��

  22. Heavenly father, there's no disappointment with you!
    Thank you Lord!
    More testimonies loading!
    Congrats dearies...

  23. Poster one the good Lord that did it for you will surely keep you and your baby, father your daughter is still looking up onto you, remember me as you have remembered poster. Congrats poster

  24. Poster two God has already done it for you, he will surely perfect it for you. We are next in line for a miracle.

  25. Congratulations to both of you. May God perfect that which He has started in you. Amen

  26. God's Chosen13 April 2017 at 17:48

    Congratulations, God is indeed awesome. I had a miscarriage in Novmeber 2016 and since then i haven't conceived but i know God is in control and he is never late. God's time is the best we all just have to trust in him.


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