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Monday, 13 February 2017


You know his number...DIAL IT!

Dear Stella, we are PREGNANT! 

Almighty God has answered my prayers. I got married about 18 months ago and have been trying to concieve ever since. Saw the prayer post and prayed along but every month i see my period i get so moody and cry. 

Fastforward to early december I went for the dreaded hsg test and also did follicle tracking all results said i was fine so i changed my prayer pattern and started thanking God instead. Dec 31st my period came and I didn't cry rather i thanked God and said i still have next month to concieve and to God be the glory I missed my period. 

I was so overwhelmed when I got a positive result this morning. For all those trying to conceive please hold on to God and keep thanking him even for the things he is yet to do. Thank you for this platform Stella. May God bless us all. Bv Lilian

Congrats babe..May this Testimony be permanent.


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Testimony two

Testimony three

Testimony Four

Testimony five

Testimony Six

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Testimony Ten

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Sharon Aminu said...

I will testify next ijn Amen,Amen.

Sharon Aminu said...

I will testify next ijn Amen,Amen.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Mrs. Korkus and fellow BVs.Forgive me of any typical
error(s) and take this as it is coming from overjoyed prospective
For the people that don't like long story, i'm here to thank God like
i said i will if he pick my call. God picked my call.
I almost stopped dialing saying let God's will be done but Stella
encourage me one day in one of the testimonies that God is still
picking calls and we should'nt stop dailing.
I have read and keyed into all the 129 TTC testimonies, some i read
more than once.i prayed the TTC prayer point and my anchor scripture
was Gen 1;28. I got married last quarter of 2015, we agreed to try for
babies in 2016.It was'nt coming as we envisage.
Monitoring spirits in form of friends, colleagues, neighbours and
church members started attacking me of what i'm waiting for, why i
don't want to stop wearing high heels & fitted dresses,some said
people that wedded after me are pregnants, some delivered, some called
on phone to ask how many months gone i am. One day i was forced to
tell an older man (colleague) that i'm not in competition with anybody
that the embarrassment was becoming too much. if you wed and get
pregnant immediately in less or within 3months you may not know what
God has done for you.
The prayer of fruitfulness is not an easy one. I used to feel sad
after praying and getting convinced that God has answered me and the
next thing was period showing face when it is time. I opted to be
kneeling down to thank God each time it comes that atleast i have a
regular and timely flow.
To cut the already long story short with all the ttc prayers/
testimonies i keyed into,during our church 21(Twenty One) days fast i
told God to pick my calls that i was to be amongst the 1st -100
testifers, but since he did'nt put me there he should give me my
testimony to send to SDK. i felt somehow and period did'nt show.I knew
God has answered me but i waited to get tested in a lab on saturday
and the result came out positive.
I am very excited and grateful to God almighty. husby is not aware as
he is not in town and will be back a day to Val.i,m keeping the
suprise for Val's Day.
I shall carry my bby to term, IJN, Amen as many TTCing God is still
picking Calls don't stop dialing, U are next for a testimony, amen.

Thank you very much Mrs. Korkus for allowing God used you to bless
many lives, u may not know what you have done/ are doing but God in
heaven will always bless you, keep you and make everythng you desire
be in abundance for you now and always IJN, amen.

With love
Happy BV.

missylynn said...

Congrats to you dear
Your testimony is permanent
Don't lose hope TTC Women,God is still in business of giving you a long waited child. Amen

jay urchy said...

Congrats poster. My testimony is loading.....

Anonymous said...

Thank God!!Am next in Jesus Name Amen....

Anonymous said...

I pray Stella sees my testimony cause have tried sending(email & comment section) for more than a week.Thank God for you dear & u shall carry to term.

Beloved said...

Congrats dearie

Beloved said...

Amen on your behalf.
It might be your valentine gift

Anonymous said...

Please guys, what do you do when your husband has low sperm count.Because it's annoying and am sad and confused.Please help.

Anonymous said...

Lord, I am next in line, even with this period on, i am next in line, for me i just want to keep thanking God, gone are the days of sorry and crying

Anonymous said...

Please does anyone knws d reason for few lumps under the armpit.. this is the first time id be experiencing that kind of tn, although iv been to the hosp bt it doesnt seem to go away, im thinking of going bk tomorrow but Id jst like 2 knw if anyone has an idea and wat cld be d cause and how to go about it. It has just worsened my anxiety issue, pls help if u have an idea, thank you all!

josphine Kel said...

congrats dear,i am next in line.

HAPPY said...


Anonymous said...

HE gives beauty for ashes. Congrats dear. It is permanent in Jesus name,Amen.

Anonymous said...

Kai! I can so so so relate. Got married in early 2015. That moment where u can't even hang out with friends for fear of being askd d same question repeatedly. The TTC journey is a journey of patience, faith and hope. I believe God has done it for me too. My testimony be loading soonest #faithfilledBV# #motherof twins

Anonymous said...

Get mannix capsules for him, one tab daily for 1-2months. Consult ur Dr however for confirmation

IJAY said...

Congratulations dearie and may God bless every other ladies looking up to him

Adorable bebe said...

congrats dear poster and you shall carry your baby to full term. Oh LORD thank you for everything even for the prayers you are yet to answer. We depend solely on you.

Ego-Oyibo said...

Congrats poster.
i have been TTC for sometime..
On Nov 1st I stumbled on TESTIMONY 102 And I decided to say a prayer there believing God for triplet..
Last week I tested POSITIVE. .. 3month gone. Honest truth is that I don't know the number of children yet...
May God's name be praised for EVER.

Ferida said...

Glory be to God. I must testify!

Anonymous said...

Enter your comment...
congrats happy BV and lilan,u wil carry to terms and deliver healthly bab ies in jesus name..i am
also using TTC prayer and i ve dis faith that i wil testify this month.

Anonymous said...

Bin married for 2yrs plus now witout issue, went for Ivf after series of emotional stress n torture, d drugs, d injections n 2wks wait hmmm I tested Negative lol, I thank God for everything bcos he said in everything we shud giv him praise, thank u Lord for I knw u ve beta plan for me, u Wil Mak me a mother soon Amen!

Ogonna Augustina said...

Lord in your infinite goodness may i be next to announce. Amen
congrats poster, may you carry to term in Jesus name. amen

Anonymous said...

Got married early last year, bin trying to conceive , Com Decem last yr I saw my period on my Birthday, was so devastated , on the last Day of December, holding a frends baby I told God ,this same time next year,I wud b hold ing my baby,com January 2017 behold no period.God be praised I am finally pregnant.To all those TTC ,don't give up on God He is too faithful to fail.

blessing favor said...

Congrats dearie, im next in line.

Miss Ess said...

All glory to God

Anonymous said...

Awesome God!let your name alone be glorified

Anonymous said...

First time commenting here. Was referred to this thread from Bella Naija months back. I prayed the prayer and honestly forgot bout it

But it would be remiss of me not to testify. God has done it! 4months gone! In my third year of marriage. God answered our prayers and we were like them that dream. Unbelievable miracle and I pray it shall be concluded beautifully. Moms in waiting; God is awesome and always available. He did it for me and your case will not be different. No drugs or any medication oh; just like that. Who did it??? JESUS!!

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