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Monday, April 17, 2017


Praise God!!!

Good day Stella.

Good job you doing on your blog.
I had been following your TTC post for a while and I have always been hopeful I will send mine someday.

I got married May 2015, and been TTC since then. It wasnt an easy journey. I went for tests and I was certified ok. Till the doctor said I shld go for HSG. I was so scared and eventually went for it. The result came out and there was spillage but the lab technician said there were adhesions preventing smooth flow. I cried out my eyes. 

My mom was ever supportive. She prayed and encouraged me.
In December I went for tubal flushing(the pain was out of this world) but the doctor encouraged me my tubes were perfectly fine and after that I left everything in God's hand. By February I kept praying and hoping. My uncle called my husband and i and encouraged us on prayer of agreement to declare what we both wanted daily in prayer. 

That month I decided to stop taking any form of medication. I felt my system needed to rest.
It was business as usual during my fertile days and my husband travelled during my 2ww. He kept calling to ask how far, I told him nothing. My period was late for 4 days on thursday yet I had all the pre menstrual syndrome.

 I decided to test with strip. Saw Two bold lines. I was so excited went for a blood test and it was positive. I still can't contain my excitement. It was God. My anniversary is next month and I am really looking forward to it. I was scared of it before.

Mamas expecting this testimony will get theirs soon in the mighty name of Jesus.

God bless you Stella.
Olubusola O.

AMEN...Congratulations Busola


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  1. Wow

    This God is too good o

    1. Congratulations madam,it shall be permanent.

  2. Please bvs can someone tell me full meaning of TTC I'm newspaper olodo I b lol

  3. Lady T/ am worth more than a thousand dollars17 April 2017 at 15:05

    Well thanking God for you, and all the mothers expecting and those who have since downloaded. And keying into your testimonies.
    Because mine is the next.

  4. Congratulations thou I dnt get why people like to overstress themselves for nothing. You just got married in 2015 and you were already in panic TTC. Cnt you just stay and enjoy your marriages and wait for babies to come as God has promised that none shall be barren?..

    1. My dear i beg to differ, am in the same shoes as hers, n trust me it's not easy. From family pressure to neighborhood, folks. Nowadays it's expected to get pregnant on ur wedding night. When people call u to ask how far, or is it wen u upload a pic am some will just ping to say u look preghos?? I dnt wish it on anyone, so before u say stuff like dat make sure u ve experienced it.

    2. Thank u Mrs bekks. I got married in March of that same year and I can totally relate to dis testimony. Ppl be sayn rubbish wen dey haven't walked in ppls shoes

    3. It is well my Dear. God will answer your prayers but dnt let pressure get to you. Um the anon up there.

    4. @anonymous hmmn it is not easy to be married and not understand why pregnancy is not forth coming.Your inlaws will be looking at you with side eye.Womb watchers and inspectors will be inspecting the size of your stomach. Then if ure the type that like fashion, you will hear things like : "see how she is wasting her husbands money on fashion and cannot even give him a child" TTC is a very trying moment please.Pregnancy is a very joyful feeling and I pray for every woman looking up to God for this blessing to recieve it speedily in Jesus name.Poster i rejoice with you, congrats and we shall all carry to term,Amen.

    5. My dear pray not to be in that shoes. 3 months will seem like 3 years.

    6. 21:26 an advice is rubbish because ure frustrated abi....u may just remain like that if you're nt careful with yo words

  5. Congratulations! May the name of the Lord be praised. And may you have an enjoyable pregnancy in Jesus name. Amen.
    I'm next in line!

  6. Praise God! You shall carry to term in Jesus name...amen

  7. #Life is about moving on, accepting changes and looking forward to what makes you stronger and more complete*

  8. congrats deàr poster me say Amen to your prayers. @15:27 you won't understand until you are married. I also thought like you when I was single. you think its easy to continuously have sex without evidence. God please attend to my cry so I can celebrate my birthday happily with my testimony. Amen

    1. Um married Dear and did not stress maself, babies cane in due time as God would have it

  9. Looking forward to my own testimony because am Next in line in Jesus name.

  10. Amen. I sm a living testimony. My testimony big eeh. U love u lord.

  11. Glory be to God. Congrats poster. Mine loading....

  12. God's Chosen17 April 2017 at 18:04

    Praise God......... Congratulations.

  13. Congratulations Olubusola,may God perfect what he has started.

  14. It's can only be God. God will help you to carry it to term in IJN, Amen

  15. Congrats dear!
    Ever faithful God, He never fails.

  16. Congrats deary, pls how much did you do the tubal flushing?

  17. Congratulations shall never seize in your life in Jesus' name. Amen

  18. Congratulations dear. my testimony is next in Jesus name.

  19. It's time for me to send my testimony too. A special Easter gift God gave me when I least expected it. I have to encourage someone that indeed He is an Almighty living God.

  20. Congrats love, only God could do it

  21. God, I thank you because you have heard us, all ttc shall testify. My birthday is in 3days, I want the two positive red lines to Pt, I want a good job and miracles for my household. Amen


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