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Sunday, 25 June 2017


You are next!

What a wonderful God
What a Miracle worker
He has done Miraculous things for me, no more #Godswaitingroom

Hmmm...where should I start from?
I got married 2014 and have been looking onto God for a child but every month whenever I see my monthly flow I get depressed and tell it to God.

I made use of the TTC prayer point every week and made sure I and hubby fast together for two days in a week to agree upon the words in it, and whenever I see the Testimony post I usually make comments like "My God is too Faithful to fail my testimony is next".......

My Testimony is here I missed my period for two days and was scared to do the home pt test after 5 days hubby encouraged me and bought the test strip himself and the next morning he woke me up to pee in a disposable cup,because sometimes I miss my period for 5days and it comes negative and I see my flow few hours after the test so I wasn't too keen on seeing the result I gave him a cup filled and went back to sleep.

He woke me up 30minutes later with his face filled with tears and said "Am going to be a daddy"
Stella thank you to for posting the TTC prayer and to the bv that suggested it may you both find happiness and favour always and to My Father who does what no man can do who maketh everything right in His own time has put a smile in my home.

For all the ttcing ladies I say a prayer that the Lord is still sharing babies and He will do according to your heart in Jesus name.....

Bv olami4eva

WOW,congratulations to you...#SharonaminuyouarenextinJESUSname


Testimony one

Testimony two

Testimony three

Testimony Four

Testimony five

Testimony Six

Testimony Seven

Testimony eight

Testimony nine

Testimony Ten

Testimony Eleven

Testimony Twelve

Testimony Thirteen

Testimony Fourteen

Testimony Fifteen

Testimony Sixteen

Testimony Seventeen

Testimony Eighteen

Testimony Nineteen

Testimony Twenty

Testimony Twenty One

Testimony Twenty Two

Testimony Twenty Three

Testimony Twenty Four

Testimony Twenty Five

Testimony Twenty Six
Testimony Twenty Seven

Testimony Twenty Eight

Testimony twenty nine

Testimony Thirty

Testimony Thirty One

Testimony Thirty Two

Testimony Thirty Three

Testimony Thirty Four

Testimony Thirty Five

Testimony Thirty Six

Testimony 37- 39 by word of mouth via Phone call.

Testimony 40

Testimony 41 - IHN

Testimony 42

Testimony 43

Testimony 44

Testimony 45

Testimony 46

Testimony 45

Testimony 48

Testimony 49
Testimony 50

Testimony 51

Testimony 52

Testimony 53 and 54

Testimony 55

Testimony 56

Testimony 57

Testimony 58 and 59

Testimony 60

Testimony 61

Testimony 62

Testimony 63 and 64

Testimony 65 and 66

Testimony 67 and 68

Testimony 69

Testimony 70

Testimony 71

Testimony 72 ad 73

Testimony 74 and 75

Testimony 76 and 77

Testimony 78 79 and 80

Testimony 81 and 82

Testimony 83 and 84

Testimony 85 and 86

TESTIMONY 87, 88 And 89

Testimony 90

Testimony 91

Testimony 92 and 93
Testimony 94


TESTIMONY 97,98 And 99


Testimony 101

Testimony 102

Testimony 103
Testimony 104

Testimony 105

Testimony 106
Testimony 107

Testimony 108

Testimony 108 and 110

Testimony 111,112,113

Testimony 114

Testimony 115

Testimony 116

Testimony 117

Testimony 118

Testimony 119

Testimony 120
Testimony 121

Testimony 122

Testimony 123

Testimony 124

Testimony 125

Testimony 126

Testimony 127

Testimony 128

Testimony 129

Testimony 130

Testimony 131

Testimony 132

Testimony 133

Testimony 134

Testimony 135

Testimony 136
Testimony 137
Testimony 138
Testimony 139
Testimony 140
Testimony 141

Testimony 142
Testimony 143 and 144 Testimony 145

Testimony 146,147 and 148



All is well...

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Gold Taken said...

God is good. Always there, never late and on-time God, Yes He is

Okwesilieze said...

Our God is too awesome.
He is able to do just what He said He would do. He is bigger than all our problems.
Thank God for you poster. I'm so happy for you.
I'm next oooh
I must testify this year.
In Jesus name. Amen

Ms SSS a.k.a stunning slim shady said...

Awwww this is so sweet

God be praised now n 4eva

Jeni_zee said...

Congrats this is my set time

Anonymous said...

I am next in line to testify IJMN

Lacey Love said...

Ga Shi nan
Ga mu nan
Sarkin Al jana
Ya na nan

Ga Shi nan
Ga mu nan
Ya na nan

Thank God for doing it for you. He will do it for all of us in Jesus's name.

M.O.A said...

Olowogbogboro has found us worthy of His blessings and therefore I proclaim I'm next in line for this miracle.

TTC shall be a thing of the past because God has given me a birthday gift (fruit of the womb with twins) in Jesus name. Amen🙏🏾

Cute hajia Omo Mummy said...

Congrats poster.. Safe delivery in advance.

sugary said...

What a miracle working God!
congratulations to you and all expectant mothers.

#my testimony is here
#mother of twin babies
#this is my month of rejoicing
#God will never fail me.

ukwu dimond said...

Big congratulations to you and I tap into your testimony, am next in line.

Sharon Aminu said...

Amen ijn
I am next to testify
God,I know I will not end this year empty
I must dance to the alter ijn.
Tank u Stella.

SANDY YO said...

Amen! Awwww we bless God!

Anonymous said...

Congrats poster! Keep praying for ur fellow ttc sisters pls. I'm next in line for my ttc testimony. #my God is too faithful to fail# #hemakesallthingsbeautifulinhistime#

Anonymous said...

I am next ijn

Ebizimor Egbejule said...

Congrats poster I too have been using the TTC prayer but not with my hubby bcus he says d fault from me so as per Ijaw girl dat I is am praying and going for massage infact my womb have been bin turned at least 3x since April. each time I see my period I go n d woman "draws n set my womb" according to her my womb is facing my right leg n that's y accordingly to her my right leg pains me and sperm doesn't go inside. However I believe my testimony will b confirmed next week.
But Stella am jealousing Sharon.
God please confirm your word

Anonymous said...


Bee10(mummytwins) said...

I am so happy for you poster wow I am next in line!

MERCY E. U said...

Congratulations to you. I recieve my miracle babies this month of June 2017. I was depressed this afternoon and just went to sleep. God pls answer us and bless my womb. Amen

Weed Chic said...

I'm smiling like mumu again. Congrats

Anonymous said...

Thank you OlowoGbobgoro cos I will also send in my testimony too...its my season of laughter

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. My testimony is sure.i receive my twins in Jesus name amen

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. My testimony is sure.i receive my twins in Jesus name amen


Careful wt those womb settings pls

M.I.E.A HOMES - We SEW to FIT, Handmade bags, sandals and slippers said...

I am so next in line that my chronicles of hope is loading. Being TTC is the most painful thing on earth

Anonymous said...

Congrats poster. Baby dust to us all expecting. Ebizimor please will you be kind to drop the woman's contact here. Help a sister please, thanks.


If you have chosen to look unto God for your miracle,let God do it in His way,forget that your ijaw woman.


Don't let nothing steal your joy,your joy will hasten your testimony.


The God that did it for all of us will do it for u @Sharon, @Mercy E.U and Ebizimor. Just have faith and believe.


Heavenly father, we trust you to turn around the stories of those TTC!
Thank you Lord for it is done. Amen!


Heavenly father, we trust you to turn around the stories of those TTC!
Thank you Lord for it is done. Amen!

Sharon Aminu said...

Amen ijn

IJAY said...

Congratulations Sis, the only God who can do what no man can do, I know and believe that he will perfect same for others

Anonymous said...

I won't give up I know mine will soon come, Amen.

Zesty Dragon said...

I am next in line. Amen! My God is too Faithful to fail.
Congrats poster

Ebizimor Egbejule said...

my dear sorry I didn't see your comment. am in Bayelsa where are u d woman is in Bayelsa

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