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Wednesday, 12 July 2017


Onise Iyanu.....God of awesome wonders!

Stella,God is faithful...

Am posting this mail with so much joy in my heart,God has blessed me beyond measures.Kaiiii,kindly keep me anonymous.

I got married in march 2017,I know it's still early but the reason why this is a miracle and means everything to me is that God proved himself.I got pregnant years back out of my carelessness and I was gonna keep the child,only to discover it was an ectopic pregnancy.

I was devastated and I had surgery to safe my life!!!So when I got married, i was scared cos I didn't tell my hubby.Sometime last month,someone posted on TTC about the Novena prayer.I googled it and used it to pray,I saw different ones and I screen munch all of it.I prayed like never biko,Cos I really wanted this pregnancy so we won't have to start running from pillar to post.Omoh Stella, I just finished the Novena pray few days back and God showed up.

My test came out positive today, I have danced and praised like never before...For all those trying to conceive,just look in wards and know God is still God and He will honor His words in our life.Thanks so much Stella for this platform.

Congratulations babe


Testimony one

Testimony two

Testimony three

Testimony Four

Testimony five

Testimony Six

Testimony Seven

Testimony eight

Testimony nine

Testimony Ten

Testimony Eleven

Testimony Twelve

Testimony Thirteen

Testimony Fourteen

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SWEETIE said...

God is great

Miss Ess said...

I rejoice with you

Anonymous said...

Thank you JESUS

@Sharon, you are next in line for a miracle

Keep believing

@Anonymous Orubebe


Thank God for you madam

*Larry was here*

Miss Ess said...

I would like to know please, can none Catholics learn how to pray the novena for other areas of need or is it just for Catholic alone and ttcing alone?

Miss Ess said...

I would like to know please, can none Catholics learn how to pray the novena for other areas of need or is it just for Catholic alone and ttcing alone?

charitybino said...

Pleasant surprise.

Ms SSS a.k.a stunning slim shady said...


Sharon Aminu said...


Sharon Aminu said...

I know it is my trun
U don't know what God has done for if u just got married and gets pragnant
God is faithful

Anonymous said...

Congrats dear! You shall carry to full term and put to bed like the Hebrew women IJN,Amen.

same girl said...

God is awesome... May your testimony be permanent dear one

Teemah said...

HIS command is only but BE!!!and it is!

Anonymous said...

it's still worth thanking God

Mz Poundz said...

Hurrayyyyyy......congratulations ma' shall carry to term.. Sharon Aminu, #fruitfulnessisyourportion

sexy Daddy said...

Still standing of what I said earlier here,that there shall be no more barren in our mist again!Just your faith is all I want.Barrenness is gone among SDKbvs in Jesus name!

Anonymous said...

God b PRAISED!!!

viva ciara said...

Happy for you poster.
Please can someone send me this Novena, I've heard so much about it.
Will really appreciate.


It's for everyone dear😊

Ebizimor Egbejule said...

My dear congrats am happy for u and I know God will surely do it for me. He is unchangeable. He won't fail me, my trust is in Him .

Anonymous said...

You shall carry your baby to full term in Jesus name (Amen!) and birth like the Hebrew women..... I was just about to send my own TTC, slept off while typing... spotted blood only to discover I have had an incomplete miscarriage. Did evavuation the next day and cried throughout the whole process.... To God be all praise because he knows best.... still praising God as I await my divine birthday gift. Baby dust to all women trying.... hang in there ok, you shall testify sooner than you expect.

Jasmine said...

Get ready. Triplets fall on u

Jasmine said...

Its well

Anonymous said...

congrats dear, pls how is novena prayer done? is it morning and evening? been feeling reluctant to start since, who knows may be that's where I will break forth. I'm waiting for answer, thanks.

Yemi7up said...

Amen. Default smile it's been awhile, the lord keep you and the baby and you shall deliver like the Hebrew women in Jesus name.

Rose said...

Glory be God Most High! He'll do it for us all in Jesus' Name. amen

Anonymous said...

Not for catholics alone. I am Anglican. I prayed it and i am almost due to have my works!there is the one for stoping divorce,seperation or reuniting couples. I cant remember it,i will let you know when i remember.

Sharon Aminu said...

Amen ijn

Sharon Aminu said...

Amen .
I receive

Sharon Aminu said...

Amen ijn

Sharon Aminu said...

Amen ijn

Sharon Aminu said...

So sorry dear
Another one is coming ijn
Just believe

HAPPY said...


Anonymous said...

Mine is coming at the end of this month in Jesus name, Amen.

Lady j said...

God bless u sis..
Pls na help a sister out oooh,I HV downloaded d novena prayers BT I don't know how to use it and d one to use for TTC cos there are different novennas in it..abeg tell me ooh..

Anonymous said...

Twins boys fall on me...Amen in JESUS name,I claim them by faith

Anonymous said...

Novena prayers are basically any set of prayers said for 9 consecutive days (most common) or 9 consecutive weeks, to obtain a grace or a petition or to give thanks for a grace or the answering of a petition. It does not need to be said at any particular time, simply choose a time that works for you and pray sincerely. One can also visit the Blessed Sacrament to say the prayers. The essence is to draw closer to God through prayers and meditation.

Anticipating my BFP! I'm next in Jesus name.....Amen

Anonymous said...

Sharon...I love your faith...keep it...God who did mine will surely answer for you.truly getting pregnant immediately after wedding issa miracle..I waited 2yrs9mths and it seemed like forever.

bolatito fashina said...

please do we say the novena prayers at once?i dont understand how it is been done.3years plus not easy waitin

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jasmine and Sharon πŸ˜™πŸ˜ God bless

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jasmine and Sharon πŸ˜™πŸ˜ God bless

Anonymous said...

Please can I know this novena. Please which one. New here

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