Stella Dimoko TESTIMONY 146,147 AND 148 FROM TTC POST


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Friday, June 23, 2017


WOW.....Three in one Testimony!...God is sooo good!


My testimony I want to download how wonderful God has been. 

I got pregnant immediately when I got married but sadly lost it at 7 months. the pain was nothing to write home about. I birth the baby and even went for the funeral. tears became my bestfriend. I started eating and comforted myself with food, I went from a size 12 to 18 and didnt care. 

hubby and I kept on trying for another baby but nothing we did several test and my consultant kept encouraging me that we were both fine. 

fastforward to March 15 2016, every lady TTC on this blog was fasting and praying but I was in the theater doing more test. my consultant was checking my ovaries and tube live. but I still joined in the prayer. testimonies started rolling in at the end of the month but nothing happened to me. 

A particular lady shared her testimony and included some Novenas that she read, I got home and told le boo about it since he is catholic, that was around April, we prayed every night using the Novenas, and by the 25th of May, i did another test and it was positive. God is soo great. thats not the end o

When i was 8 weeks, i went for scan and to register for antenatal, i got to work really late, on getting to work, i realized that they have changed the seating arrangement and I was supposed to sit next to a particular guy that doesnt even smile let alone talk, I was so angry, considering that I talk a lot, to ease things, i stated asking him loads of questions including his family, then he went red and was almost in tears, told me hes been trying for over 20 years but nothing,  so i stylishly asked if he is a Christian, he said he was catholic so i shared my testimony with him and gave him the Novena. 

he came back 3 weeks later and said his wife is pregnant, 
(this is the Lord's doing) this cannot be a coincidence, God is working.

Then my bestie (pakistani muslim) also used it after much pressure from me and shes due in Jan 2018. she was in church with me last Sunday. who says there is no God?

To everyone waiting in the Lord, you testimony is on the way

Shoki ahhn #500 each

MTN 7744192631791591 - 5801623381796143 - 2997985357928572 

AIRTEL 1221681638974296 - 1776449033439549

Etisalat 220151452668332 and 992874707475129 and 998833388299036 

Glo  38970012460225 and 389752886699872

Congratulations to you and the other two pregnant ones


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  1. Hallelujah!!! To God be all the Glory.

    1. That was a long refreshing epistle. Anyway,

    2. Congrats. Stella I read the testimonies of the novena here,although I am not a Catholic I tried it though and it worked or could it just be a coincidence? I am due to have my baby in a Month's time. I give God all the glory.

    3. Its no coincidence babe...

  2. @Sharon Aminu.. You are next in line for a miracle


  3. Congrats I am next in line twins for sure!

  4. Congratulations,am happy for you and thanks i loaded the Airtel
    I decree upon myself that i shall also deliver like the Hebrew woman, had a similar situation to yours but i know this one i will carry to full term in Jesus name (Amen). Your baby will live well and end well. Congratulations once again

  5. Thank you Jesus x1000. Novenas really work with faith.

    1. My dear u are very right, it's difficult to pray but works like magic.. Oh Jesus thank you.

    2. Yea! I know of the thank you JESUS rosary*1000times ...May the good LORD make us fruitful. AMEN

  6. Wow congratulations to you all,God is good,the fastest fingers have taken it all,I hail una.

  7. This God is too good,thank God for your testimony,I pray for others who desire this testimony so shall it be for you.Lastly i got the Etisalat card.Many thanks and i appreciate.

  8. Congratulations to all three.

  9. Congrats to you poster,pls am a catholic and would really love that Novena prayer...Thanks

  10. Congrats to u all
    God,I am next to testify ijn amen

  11. Praise the Almighty God. I have a 24yrs TTC step mum God please I know you can still do it for her. Even if her hubby has remarried wit kids I know her case is different.

  12. The Pakistani Muslim own dropped my Jaw!

    Somebody shout Jeeeeeeesuuuuusss!!!!

  13. I am happy for you and sorry about your loss. I hate reading stories about women losing pregnancies,It gives me nightmares!! At 7 months for that matter? What could have happened?
    Lord please help me birth this child safely and all pregnant women, to those still trusting God, your prayers have been answered, amen.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Thank God for ur, cos waiting isn't easy at all. My bro in-laws wife just birth a baby boy after 12 years, God i dnt wanna wait for too long pls show ur self in my life. My month of testimony

  16. Onise iyanu
    Miracle worker
    Way maker
    Congratulations to you and your friends

    Pls I need the novena abi should I just enter any Catholic church and ask for it?
    I join my faith with you Sharon and declare we re next.
    Iya ibeji in making.

    1. My fellow 'better by far'.... God will do it for us all

    2. Amen ooo
      I believe too sis
      Very soon
      'Better by far,probitas doctrina'

      Pls is it on google,I mean the novena abi I should go to any Catholic church and ask.

    3. You can either download it on google or walk into any catholic church and ask for the shop where sacramentals are sold,you would gt it there.

  17. God of divine turnaround, glory be to your name.
    Congratulations to you and also those who were blessed through you.


  19. pls someone post the novenas

  20. Congratulations to all three of you. May God perfect that which He has started in Jesus name. Amen
    Pls I need the Novena too.
    May God answer all of us this year in Jesus name. Amen.

  21. To all those asking about the Novena, it was Novena to st Jude, st Rita and St Gerald. Pls pray it with faith. U shall all testify IJN

  22. Only Jesus can do what no man can do, Lord I glorify your name , you are the kings of kings and the Lord of lord, that God for this wonderful, marvelous, miracle working God, that​ will perfect same for other TTC

  23. Congratulations. God be praised. Please what is the novena prayer, I need it. Or tell us what testimony so we can go and read it.

  24. St. Gerrard novena, too powerful to fail, always ready to intercede am proud go be a devotee, Stella watch out for my testimony becos it sound like a lie.

  25. St. Gerrard novena, Google him patron saint for those looking for fruit of womb, pregnant and infant babies

  26. Congrats! Am next inline

  27. Jesu! Pakistani muslim? The Lord is great

  28. size 18? Better lose that weight before hubby go begin find side boo. Pregnancy no be excuse

  29. Congratulations, i receive my miracle babies this month of June 2017 in Jesus name and for all ttc

  30. Congratulations, i receive my miracle babies this month of June 2017 in Jesus name and for all ttc

  31. Wow!!! To God alone be all the glory, I key into these testimonies and I will definitely return with my testimony too


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