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Friday, 22 September 2017



Hello Stella,

Thanks for the platform.

Onise Iyanu....... you the God of awesome wonders........Onise Iyanu .......... you have shown me so much mercy, much more than I deserve.

I got married early last year, it may not that long but the expectations and waiting can be frustrating and exhausting. I was about to send you my TTC testimony February this year but sadly, I had miscarriage. The ERPC pain was terrible. I didn't see the TTC prayers when it was posted but I joined when I saw it. I prayed it two times with Rosary, Novena to St. Gerard, St. Rita and St. Jude last year. Did all the test that was recommended and was on Clomid, Bromegon and Metformin plus Folic Acid. I was going to complain to my husband that I'm tired of taking all the drugs and God smiled on me and sent me a gift from Heaven.

It's been an awesome feeling having a little one growing inside of you, I can't get over the feeling that God gave me an amazing privilege, I will be a Mum soon. It's been a smooth sail so far. I pray for every woman TTCing, please know you all are great women, baby dust to every super woman out there.

Congratulations Olly!


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Ruthex said...

Congrats dear, Lord do same for me and those in need of children in Jesus name. Amen.

Yori Yori Princess Loveme Jeje said...

Beautiful. Congrats

Stella maris Baby said...

You are next in line.

Stella maris Baby said...

Congrats dear..
God is always faithful.

Irene Abe said...

congrat dear.. God is awesome!

jay urchy said...

Congrats poster. LRD loading....

irene said...

God is great

Beloved said...

Congrats to dear..safest delivery in advance

forex signals said...

Congrats, Baby dust to me and my wife and all the TTC mum here. In Jesus name! Amen

Anonymous said...

I tap into mine by next year, Amen.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. Thank you faithful God. I pray that very soon I too will share this kind of testimony in Jesus name Amen.

IJAY said...


jelly said...

Amen, congratulation

THANDEKA said...

Congrats dear. Baba God, please remember me.

Miss Ess said...

Congrats Olly

Anonymous said...

Amen, you shall Carry to full term and deliver safely.Amen

vicky j said... will carry your pregnancy to term and deliver like the Hebrew women.
Oh God answer my big Sis too. Put an end to this 9 yrs of waiting Lord..we are still praying, fasting and believing you for this miracle. Onise iyanu, manifest in her life too

MERCY E. U said...

Cobgratulations,i am next inline for babies testimony

Anonymous said...

Sweetheart congratulations, i tap into your blessing. Through the power of God, i ll conceive of twins this year in Jesus name Amen. You ll carry to term and deliver successfully, Amen. I am starting my TTÇ prayer next week, BVs please join me, i am testifying ñext.

sholetoga said...

To God be all glory on your behalf Poster . congratulations...

Red Wine said...

Big congratulations to you, testimoniws like this gives me hope that God is still on the thrown, He is still doing wonders.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Amen! You will testify soon. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Thanks Yori Yori

Anonymous said...

@Stella Maris Baby, thanks dear, God is gracious.

Anonymous said...

@Irene Abe, thanks dear

Anonymous said...

@Jay Urch, thanks, LRD is sure loading

Anonymous said...

@Irene, thanks dear. God is absolutely great

Anonymous said...

@Beloved, thanks dear

Anonymous said...

@Forex Signals, thanks. Amen!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Amen.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Amen! Sooner than you expect.

Anonymous said...

@Ijay, thanks

Anonymous said...

@Jelly, thanks

Anonymous said...

@Thandeka, thanks dear, I like your name. God is doing it for you already.

Anonymous said...

@Miss Ese, thanks dear

Anonymous said...

Amen dear. Thanks

Anonymous said...

@Vicky J, thanks dear. Amen! Your big sis will testify soonest.

Anonymous said...

@Mercy E, Thanks. Amen to your prayers.

Anonymous said...

Thanks dearie, Amen o. God is already doing it for you.

Anonymous said...

@Sholetoga, Amen. Thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

@Red Wine, thanks a lot, God is always doing wonders.

Anonymous said...


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